Census: Minneapolis bike commuting remains steady, transit grows

New American Community Survey 1-year estimates are out for large places, which means we can check in on commuting information for our #1 bike city, Minneapolis.

  • Bike commuting seems to be remaining steady (within the margin of error)
  • Transit is up beyond the margin of error
  • Carpooling continues it’s descent
  • Working at home continues to increase slowly
The above chart is courtesy of the City of Minneapolis.

Minneapolis and Saint Paul downtowns grow as city-wide population stays flat


This week, the US Census released 2010 data for Minnesota.  I haven’t had much time to dig into the data, but I did check a few things.  First, I checked the health (in terms of population) of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, our core cities.  We seem to have bucked the trend, being seen in many midwestern core cities, of population decline.  Minneapolis is down 40 people since 2000 and Saint Paul lost 2,083 (-0.7%).

Although our core city population growth seems to be flat or declining, Minneapolis and Saint Paul also seem to be experiencing the “downtown renaissance” being seen in other parts of the country.

Using Census tracts that approximate the areas of each downtown (Minneapolis: south of Plymouth Avenue, inside the freeway belt, south of the river; Saint Paul: inside the freeway belt, north of the river) I compared population from 2000 to 2010.  The results are shown in the table below.  Both downtowns seem to be healthy and growing.

[table id=4 /]