Montreal bike infrastructure

A few weeks ago we went to Montreal for a week.  I learned not to rent places without air conditioning and that Montreal has some great bicycle infrastructure.  The off-street stuff is pretty standard for Minneapolis, but their on-street facilities are impressive.  A large cycle-track network, lots of on-street bike parking and a bike sharing system that has over 5,000 bikes.  Here is a map (in French) of the city’s bike network (pdf).  Cycletracks, which are two-way cycling routes that are on the street, but divided from cars, usually with a curb, are in blue.

According to the 2006 census, Montreal (the city) had an 11% bicycle mode share.  Take that, number one cycling city.

Below are some pictures we took, mostly of bike stuff and streets, while in Montreal and Quebec City.

2 thoughts on “Montreal bike infrastructure

  1. And their 11% is of 1.6m people, meaning way more actual cyclists. I wonder how their safety rate compares?

    Cycle tracks get a bad rap, but they seem to be common in the places with the most cyclists.

  2. Ps do you speak French? What would you guess is the ratio of french to english in Montreal?

    I’m thinking about McGill, but I only have a year of 8th-grade French.

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