Open Streets are coming to Minneapolis!

ciclovia Bogota

Scenes from open streets (ciclovia) in Bogota

Thanks to the great work of the Minneapolis Bike Coalition and support from Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Open Streets are coming to Minneapolis this summer!  On June 12th, Lyndale Avenue will be closed from 22nd Street to 42nd street from 10 am to 2 pm.  From the Open Streets Mpls website:

Starting in 2011, Minneapolis residents will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy their neighborhood streets by biking, walking, and skating without the presence of motorized traffic.

An Open Streets event (based on the Ciclovía from Bogotá, Colombia) will bring together families and neighbors to mingle, recreate, and shop in their communities in a safe, car-free environment.

Open Streets are not races.  Participants can begin/stop/restart/change direction at any time.

Open Streets are free!

In addition to biking, walking and skating, there are programmed recreational activities along the streets including yoga, dance lessons, aerobics, and games.  There are also musical performances and classes on bike safety and repair.

Open Streets promote:

  • Sustainable transportation choices, including walking, bicycling and transit.
  • Public health, bringing healthy physical activity to communities in need.
  • Local business, drawing foot traffic past the front doors.
  • Public space, helping residents see our streets as places where we can all come together and take pride in our city.


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