Take the skyway

Leif Pettersen chronicles his experiment with long-term skyway-only living in VitaMN.  He didn’t venture outside any skyway-connected space for two weeks this last winter.

I did work downtown for a period (and will soon return), but it was in the warehouse district, which isn’t well connected to the skyway.  Reading this gave me a new appreciation for just how completely downtown Minneapolis is oriented towards the skyway.  It almost made me change my opinion on whether they are good or bad for downtown.

You can see a doctor, dentist, optometrist or hairstylist. You can get your body pulverized by a masseuse, chiropractor, personal trainer or yogi. You can apply for a passport, renew your driver’s license, pay back taxes, get married, get divorced and sue your ex-spouse. You can hire a Realtor, shop for a condo, engage a mortgage broker, secure a bank loan and furnish your new home. You can take your in-laws to a very nice dinner, then a live theater show, movie or sporting event, and leave them at a respectable hotel. You can buy groceries, fill prescriptions, get a tetanus shot, do your dry cleaning, go to church and outfit an exceptional wine-tasting party. You can take university classes and go swimming, art-spotting or bar-hopping. You can send a package, receive a package, gift-wrap a package and get your package waxed. All this and much more — without ever stepping a toe outdoors.

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