More Evidence Cycling is Increasing in the Twin Cities, Increases follow Investments

2 hour Bicycle Count Comparison 2007 & 2010 Downtown/University

Bike Walk Twin Cities does an annual count of cycling and walking at a number of locations around the Minneapolis.  Their latest report compares 2010 to 2007 counts and finds big increases.

From 2007-2010, bicycling increased by 33% overall, with the highest volume increases (number of cyclists) at such locations as the Franklin Avenue bridge over the Mississippi River, the Midtown Greenway, the Cedar Lake Trail under I-394, and at the Sabo Bridge.

Walking also increased from 2007-2010, by 17%, with the highest volume increases (number of people walking) along Riverside Avenue, Cedar Avenue south of Riverside, and the Hennepin Avenue Bridge over the Mississippi River.

Their data also seems to show a correlation between new infrastructure and walking and cycling increases.

The rates of bicycling and walking are up in the Twin Cities, even in locations without new bicycling and walking infrastructure. However, the data for locations with new facilities, such as the Sabo Bridge (160% increase overall) and the Riverside Ave nue corridor (up 83%) show that dramatic increases follow investments.

This is consistent with trends shown in the latest American Community Survey data.  The full report, maps, tables and lots of other good stuff from the counts can be found on the Bike Walk Twin Cities website.

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