MN DOT Discusses Tolls To Pay For New St. Croix River Bridge

From MPR News:

Minnesota Department of Transportation spokesman Brad Larsen says a MnDOT study shows a $1.50 toll each way would, over time, raise nearly half the cost of a new $642 million St. Croix River bridge.

Larsen says a tolling plan would need clearance at both the federal and state level.

I think it is encouraging that MN DOT is considering (or at least exploring) tolls to pay for this bridge.  I don’t think the bridge is necessary, but if it is built, tolls should pay for it.  A more glaring example of how the system subsidizes greenfield, exurban development is hard to find.

Note that as it stands, the bridge cannot be built because the National Park Service has determined the bridge would “fundamentally change the scenic qualities that existed when the St. Croix was designated a national wild and scenic river in 1972” and would have “direct and adverse effects that cannot be avoided or eliminated.”

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