How far will public transit take you in 15 minutes?

Mapnificent answers this question by drawing travel-sheds for trip lengths you select.  They dynamic slider to change trip travel time is really cool.  You can also change the settings to include biking to/from stations (rather than walking) and you can compute the intersection between two or more travel sheds.

I’d love to see them add bike and car travel sheds to this map.  Presumably the data could be pulled from Google in the same way as transit information.  Pairing this information with NAICS data could provide a really powerful accessibility map.

One drawback (at least for the Twin Cities), they don’t appear to have any data for opt-out transit services (Southwest, MVTA, etc).

One thought on “How far will public transit take you in 15 minutes?

  1. I’m glad somebody took the time to make this. I’ve made some maps by hand with Google’s My Maps system, but it’s a tedious process. While these maps are nice, my biggest frustration with transit is frequency of service. In my experience, few of the bus routes outside of Metro Transit’s Hi-Frequency Network are worthy of the mapping exercise because there’s a good chance you’ll end up waiting 15 minutes or more for the bus to arrive anyway. Other folks might be better able to abide by Metro Transit’s schedule, though.

    They do have a checkbox on the settings screen for doing bike+bus, so you can effectively make a bike shed map by selecting a time of the day/week when the system is unaware of any transit service. Unfortunately, the simple circles used for most of the mapping don’t tell the whole story. Rivers, hills, highways, and rail lines all create barriers to walking and biking.

    If service frequency is taken into account, a bike can give the same radius of service as a bus, but in all directions rather than just along the transit line. If you hop on your bike and ride 12 mph when an 18 mph bus is 3 miles away, it’ll take the bus half an hour to catch up.

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