Southwest LRT Policy Advisory Committee recommends Route 3A


Some pedestrian-friendly development along Route 3A

On Wednesday, the Policy Advisory Committee for the Southwest LRT project voted to recommend Route 3A, also known as the Kenilworth Alignment.  Ralph Remington, Minneapolis City Council member representing southwest Minneapolis, was the only dissenting vote.

Remington said the average daily ridership formula the Federal Transit Administration uses to approve rail projects favors suburban rail lines over those serving the inner city because it doesn’t count weekend ridership or trips to special events like Twins or Vikings games.

“I think the formula is flawed,” Remington said. ” I still believe the greater number of citizens in Minneapolis are not being served” by the chosen route.

Without a rail link, the citizens of Uptown and southwest Minneapolis will be disconnected from the rest of the rail system, Remington said.

2 thoughts on “Southwest LRT Policy Advisory Committee recommends Route 3A

  1. Do you have a sense of how the new candidates in his ward have approached this issue? That might be an interesting post, since Remington isn’t running for re-election the new Council Member will inherit this project.

    Also, funny picture.

  2. LRT has been a non-issue so far in Ward 10. I remember raising the issue to Meg Tuthill months ago. She didn’t say too much beyond noting that the decision on alignment would be made before the new person’s (read: her) term began. The other candidates haven’t put together terribly coherent campaigns, unfortunately. There’s not a lot of political gain in fighting for transit… these elections tend to be decided by the older, wealthier, engaged types, many of whom drive most places. Go to a neighborhood board meeting and note how many people come in their cars.

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