Nicollett Avenue Rebuild pushed back to 2014

Minneapolis is delaying resurfacing one of the most potholed roads in the city, Nicollett Avenue, by one year. 2009 to 2010? 2010 to 2011? No, from 2013 to 2014.  There was something else in the article I found more shocking however (emphasis added):

The cash flow for roadwork isn’t what it used to be, Matsumoto said, with state contributions from gas taxes, license fees and other vehicle-related expenses drying up due to less driving and more fuel-efficient vehicles.

The city can afford to rebuild about a half-mile of road each year, he said. Much of that work gets tied to priority projects, such as the new Twins ballpark or Crosstown, he said.

One half-mile?!  If this isn’t a persuasive argument for a mileage tax, I don’t know what is.  I am confused about this quote though, isn’t the Crosstown (Highway 62) a state road?  Does Minneapolis have to pay some portion of the cost?

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