New Twins Stadium promises to get me to actually go to a Twins game.

Looking west from the skyway

Farewell Dome, hooray outdoor baseball!  We just have to wait until April, 2010.  I have been to exactly two Twins games since moving to the Twin Cities in 2003.  I’m not a huge sports fan, but if I had to choose one to watch, it would  be baseball.  There is something special about an open-air stadium on a warm night with peanuts, beer and cheering fans.  The Metrodome just doesn’t cut it, especially since your seat often doesn’t even face the field.

I knew the stadium was in progress, but I was walking in the skyway last week and spotted the progress.  Last time I saw it, they only had some beams across the freeway.  Seeing the pedestrian plaza in person makes me think this is a really great piece of the design.  People will be funneled out right into the heart of downtown.

I still have a major issue with the eight-foot high wall keeping people from crossing Fifth street.  This is a short-sighted move that will limit the transit capacity at this station.  It will also prevent any development across Fifth street from the stadium from being integrated with the stadium development.  I’ll be interested to see how they handle the masses of people flooding onto Fifth after the game.

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