Do you care which route the Southwest Transitway takes?

The two choices in Minneapolis

Hennepin County is now accepting comments for the Scoping stage of the Draft EIS on the Southwest Transitway light rail line.  Submit comments online, or at the final Scoping Meeting on October 23rd.  If you care about the alignment in Minneapolis, tell them what you think.  I’m holding back my opinion (see note below), although you may be able to guess which route I prefer.  2015 is not that far away (we’ll be halfway through Obama’s second term), and once this piece of infrastructure is in the ground, it ain’t moving for a very long time.

The image above is of the two possible routes in Minneapolis.  One would basically follow the Cedar Lake Trail into downtown and connect with the rest of the system at the “intermodal” station near the news Twins Ballpark.  The second would go through Uptown on the Midtown Greenway and turn left at Nicollet, connecting to the rest of the system at Fourth Street downtown.

Full disclosure: Bonestroo (the firm I work for) is currently part of a team working on station-area planning for Southwest Transitway stations outside of Minneapolis (Saint Louis Park to Eden Prairie).

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