Congress approves Midwest high-speed rail – could it really happen?

Midwest Network from MHSR

It only took an energy crisis, a climate crisis and a horrible train accident, but Congress has finally taken a first step towards providing a real transportation alternative.  The House and Senate have both approved a rail safety bill that includes $680 million a year for five years for high speed rail projects.  This same bill includes safety improvements, and doubles Amtrak’s funding to $13 billion over five years.

Of greatest interest to this Chicago-lover is the possibility of high-speed rail in the Midwest.  Always one to provide the bacon for Minnesota (not to be confused with pork), Congressman Oberstar says that this bill could mean a high-speed connection between Chicago and the Twin Cities in the next five years.  That seems like an awfully ambitious timeline, especially given the last sentence in the story, “…matching funds need to come from state and local sources”.  But, if we get some new, pro-rail leadership in the White House in January (McCain’s position, Obama’s position), perhaps things really could start to happen in less than a decade.

One question for the readers, why is a line from Duluth to the Twin Cities a higher priority than the Chicago-Twin Cities line?  Have they already “stud[ied] the impact” of the Chicago route (I assume this means a EIS process)?  Why is Duluth a viable destination for a train line anyway?

2 thoughts on “Congress approves Midwest high-speed rail – could it really happen?

  1. yeah, i’m not getting the duluth to msp line myself. i think they tried it in the eighties and it ended up with an average speed of 40 mph or something…that worked well. anyways…what does a train passenger do when they get to duluth? rent a car? i would guess that much of the traffic from the twin cities that goes to duluth is actually headed for destinations farther north – maybe i’m just not aware of the level of business travel that takes place between the two cities. regardless, chicago-msp would obviously be more beneficial in many more ways…

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