Hello world! (Genesis)

I’d like to take the risk of having nothing new to say. This blog will attempt to contribute to the conversation about urban planning, the environment, technology, politics and generally our ability to shape our built environment and how we go about doing so. Of course, this will all come from my point of view, a planner living in Minneapolis and working in the Twin Cities region. I’m interested in:

  • How technology can change public participation, planning processes and our perceptions
  • How a new-found (and overdue, and reimagined) focus on environmental sustainability is and will be reshaping planning
  • Transportation: to me, the ultimate planning issue, driven by and driver of how we use the land, how technology is changing it, price, perception, politics, and of course flying (hydrogen?) cars, midwest high speed rail and other flights of fancy
  • Minnesota, the midwest and of course, the rest of the world

The best blogs are a mix of the personal, the professional and the technical. I’m lucky that I have a job in a field that I’m passionate about, so it won’t be difficult to provide this mix. This won’t take the place of my personal blog, which will continue to live elsewhere. Nor will this space include any overly technical or academic work. I’ll leave that to those better equipped. As far as planning goes, I’m always interested in an academic conversation, but I think this format demands practicality and application to the field, so thats what you’ll find.

Stay tuned to this space, there will be more soon. I’m still kicking the tires on this wonderful tool called WordPress, but I’m already intrigued by the possibility of opening this space to more contributors. If we could combine the brain power of all the planners I know, I’m sure we could rule southeast Minnesota in short order. In the meantime, please comment, critique, suggest and link.

Thanks for reading, and for humoring me, hope to hear from you soon.

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