Too hot to pump gas


From Per Square Mile, this bit of news from the ongoing mega-heat wave in Australia.

It was so hot in the South Australian outback town of Oodnadatta yesterday that the local servo stopped selling petrol.

The Outback town has been sweltering through one of its great heatwaves with the temperature soaring above 40 degrees every day this year, reaching a peak of 48.2 degrees yesterday.

“The ground, the building, everything is so hot, you walk outside and you feel it’s going to burn you,” Pink Roadhouse owner Lynnie Plate said.

Mrs Plate said the Roadhouse couldn’t serve unleaded fuel after midday because it was vapourising and wouldn’t pump in the extreme heat.

In one part of Australia, temperatures reached 120 degrees F.  Are roads melting and gasoline evaporating an engineering problem, or a wake-up call?

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  • Michael Hicks

    One simple answer is to switch to diesel, which is less volatile (= evaporates less)