Nice Ride 2011 route fluxes

Nice Ride has released their data on rentals from 2011.  After seeing these maps of “route fluxes” from bike sharing systems around the world by Oliver O’Brien at the Suprageography blog, I just had to figure out how to make them myself.

I didn’t use Routino as Oliver did, but instead figured out a way to make ArcGIS Network Analyst do what I wanted (after a fair amount of data wrangling and lots of loading time).  I’ll probably post more on that later.

Trip counts on each segment vary between 4 and 29,000.  I restricted bike routes to roads with a speed limit under 40 mph.  One drawback is that my road network did not include off-street trails (greenway, etc).

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  • Steven Vance

    Can you make one with the stations? Maybe symbolize the stations based on station size, or historical usage.

  • Ethan Fawley

    Very interesting. If only you could get ArcGIS to recognize draw of trails and bike blvds. Bryant, Midtown Greenway, and River Road amongst the routes that would take significantly from Hennepin, Lake, Washington, etc. St. Paul is so short on the love.

    • Mike Hicks

      The Stone Arch Bridge also jumps out as a significant missing link.

      St. Paul was destined to have low bike traffic volumes since the stations took a long time to appear and were spaced so far apart there (wide spacing also limits the attraction of the bikes in North Minneapolis).

      hings should get better this year, since new stations are planned to extend all the way into downtown St. Paul (and be placed relatively densely there), though given how things have worked over the past few years, I don’t expect them to appear until about July.

  • Reuben

    This is excellent. Just so I’m clear, these trips were assigned to the network based on shortest distance?

    • Brendon

      Yes, shortest distance using streets with speed limits under 40 mph.

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