Mapping the Twin Cities bike counts

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Much has already been written about the 2011 bike counts: the great news that counts continue to climb, how we might use them to prioritize infrastructure improvements, and even what grains of salt we should consume along with the data.  But I haven’t seen anyone map them yet.

So here’s my contribution.  Circle size represents 2011 count totals.  These are also the true counts, not extrapolated to annual numbers (I don’t think those numbers have even been released yet).

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  • hokan

    I can’t see the map and when I click on “View Larger Map”, I’m asked to sign in.

    • Brendon

      Should be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Steven Vance

    That’s a nice looking map. I didn’t know Esri had products that could make nice looking stuff. I don’t like working with Esri products (I stopped using them when I found QGIS and many online tools).

    I wouldn’t put much faith in extrapolated annual numbers unless counts were taken at least once every two months.

    • Brendon

      The new ArcGIS online stuff is pretty nice. You can upload shapefiles and make pop-ups really easily.

      • Steven Vance

        I’ve been using GeoCommons and Shape 2 Fusion Tables for online map making.

        I’m opposed to using Esri products. I think they make bloated, difficult to use software.

        • Brendon

          I’ll have to check out QGIS, it would be nice to have something that runs on mac.

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