Beautiful Map of Historic Twin Cities Streetcar Lines

What, no Kennilworth alignment?

From City of Lakes Urbanism, a link to Brett McKean’s map of the 1933 streetcar routes in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  We do still have a lot of this infrastructure, it’s just in the form of buses now.  If someone could dig up the old time schedules, that would be an interesting comparison.  The busiest routes in the metro look to be Hennepin Avenue north and south of downtown, with three lines running all the way to Uptown and East and West 7th Street in Saint Paul.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Map of Historic Twin Cities Streetcar Lines

  1. The headways in the streetcar era were hard to beat. Some examples, from Twin Cities by Trolley:

    Chicago Ave: 3 min or less peak/5 min off-peak
    Nicollet Ave: same as above

    Some St. Paul lines:
    St. Clair Ave: 10 min or less peak/10 min off-peak (compared to 30/60 minutes/no service at all now!)
    Grand Ave: 10 min peak/5 min off-peak
    Snelling: 10 peak/15 off-peak (it was a less important transit corridor back then)

    The region could probably do more to boost its transit ridership by simply increasing central-city bus headways than building a dozen light rail lines, though these do serve their purpose as well.

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